Make it easier to recycle in your home

Last updated: 27 August 2020

1. Get to know your council

There are 79 councils in Victoria and they can all vary in what they allow in your recycling bin. For example, most councils accept glass in the same bin as paper and hard plastic, but some have a separate collection for glass.

Visit your council website to learn what items you should be keeping out and putting in your recycling bin. Many councils have a helpful A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide or a quick guide to recycling for their residents.

Get started by finding your local council area’s waste and recycling services page.

2. Set up a system to make recycling easier

You don’t have to head outside every time you want to put an empty can or bottle in the recycling bin. If you have the space in your kitchen, get a separate bin so you can pop your recycling in and then take it out to your kerbside recycling bin all at once.

Don’t have the space in your kitchen to have an extra bin for recycling? Grab a box or a tub to fit any empty space you might have, and put your recycling in there. This is especially helpful in apartments where you can keep your recycling tub on a washing machine or balcony.

3. Prepare your recycling correctly

One of the biggest problems in our recycling system is unwanted food scraps, so always remove food and liquids from containers and bottles before putting them in your recycling bin.

Containers don’t need to be spotless. Just scrape all the food out for it to be ready for recycling.

As for jar or bottle lids, metal and plastic lids can vary between each council. So to know exactly how to prepare these for your recycling bin, check the waste and recycling advice for your local council area.

Find out more about preparing common household items for recycling by searching for the specific item.