Make it recycle ready

  • empty any remaining food and rinse with water.
  • remove lid. To find out if you can put the lid in your recycling bin, check the waste and recycling advice for your local council area.
  • don't include any broken glass. Find out how to dispose of broken glass.

Where do jars go next?

They will be:

  1. collected by your local council’s kerbside recycling truck.
  2. taken to a recycling sorting facility.
  3. separated from other recyclables, such as plastic and cardboard.
  4. taken to a glass treatment facility and washed, sorted by colour, then crushed and melted.
  5. taken to a manufacturer to be made into new products.

Waste and recycling during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Household waste and recycling collections will continue as normal.

In metro Melbourne, council waste and recycling facilities are not open to the public. These facilities include collection, treatment, disposal and transfer stations. They will remain open for commercial contractors only.

In regional Victoria, facilities are open. Visitors must follow all directions and instructions for maintaining a COVIDSafe environment.

If you have unwanted items at home, hold onto them until these facilities re-open. For other options, check the waste and recycling advice for your local council area.

For more information on the roadmap across Victoria please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Want to recycle something else?

Search for another item to find out if it can go in your home recycling bin or if it needs to be dropped off somewhere else.